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"Public awareness on the importance of
spaying and neutering is the key to
alleviating dog and cat overpopulation.
Once individuals are educated on the
seriousness of the overpopulation problems,
then the spay/neuter solution will really work."

International Society for Animal Rights

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Successful Events 2009

T.A.R.A. held a spay day on December 10, 2009 at Blooming Grove Humane Society. T.A.R.A. received this letter from Shelter Director, Melissa Veraldo:

Rose, Steve and Staff of T.A.R.A.
Thank you so much for being at the Blooming Grove Humane Society on December 10, 2009, for our very first SPAY/NEUTER DAY. We were able to get forty seven cats spayed and neutered, and helped to educate our community on the NEED to spay and neuter. We were so impressed by Steve's organization of the entire event, and learned so much from him and the whole staff. They walked us through each and every step. Everyone was warm, and helpful. We look forward to many other spay/neuter events at our shelter. Thank you, for all that you do, for our cat community.
Melissa Veraldo, Shelter Manager, Blooming Grove Humane Society

On October 29, 2009, we held a spay day at HI-TOR Animal Care Center, Inc. 62 surgeries were performed. T.A.R.A. received this letter from Vivian Kiggins, Executive Director:

Dear Rose, Steve and the Staff of T.A.R.A.,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for operating the T.A.R.A. mobile spay/neuter hospital at Hi Tor Animal Care Center on October 29, 2009. Your presence here was a huge success and was greatly appreciated by the cat caretakers and cat owners that participated. The shelter staff and I were also pleased to have our animals altered ensuring our commitment to adopting out only sterilized pets for adoption. On behalf of the Board of Directors, Staff, Volunteers, and animals of Hi Tor, thank you again for operating the mobile unit at Hi Tor Animal Care Center.
Sincerely, Vivian Kiggins, Executive Director

On October 17th, we had another great spay day at Warwick Valley Humane Society. We spayed and neutered 39 cats. T.A.R.A. received this letter from their president, Suzyn Barron:

Dear Steve, Rose and the terrific T.A.R.A. staff ~
The Warwick Valley Humane Society sends you tons of "appaws" for bringing your Mobile Clinic to our shelter facility in mid-October for the third round T.A.R.A. visits this year providing low cost spay/neuter for cats throughout our Warwick Valley. In total, over 160 cats were "fixed" by T.A.R.A., your truly dedicated and professional organization. You have our sincere gratitude for being able to work with you to reduce the overpopulation of cats and the associated needless suffering of countless kittens. T.A.R.A. has made a remarkable impact on our community and we look forward to seeing you parked in our shelter lot in 2010. Please continue doing what you do, because you got it right!
Suzyn Barron, President - Warwick Valley Humane Society

At our August 2nd clinic at ARF, we spayed and neutered 63 cats, 30 females and 33 males. TARA received this letter from Barbara Shea, president of ARF.

Our clinic on August 16th was a great success. Four TNR non-profit groups participated, and we spayed 30 females and 36 males, for a total of 66 cats. What a day!

This makes two of the special "Spay Days" we've committed to do because of a grant TARA received for this purpose. We look forward to providing the next and final event which concludes the grant. We are hoping to schedule it some time in October. Keep checking this site for details.

Our fundraiser/street fair in Elenville on August 23rd went very well. We raised more donations then expected, and had a lot of fun. We had volunteers helping, and they, too, enjoyed the event. We wish to thank all of the generous people who showed their support for our cause.

The September 11th clinic for the Town of Montgomery was a big success! It was free to residents. We spayed and neutered 64 cats - 31 females and 33 males!

On September 27th, 47 cats were spayed and neutered for the Goshen Humane Society, at their fundraiser event; 26 females and 21 males. TARA received this wonderful email from Goshen Humane Society President Rick Bossley:

"Thanks to the TARA Mobile Clinic our Spay/Neuter Clinic on 9/27/08 was a huge success. Forty seven cats were spayed or neutered at our clinic, and that equates to literally thousands of unwanted kittens not being brought into this world without a home. It is so important for people to spay or neuter their pets, and thankfully the TARA Mobile Clinic makes it affordable for everyone to have this procedure done at a reasonable cost." Rick Bossley, President, Goshen Humane Society, Inc.

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