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"Public awareness on the importance of
spaying and neutering is the key to
alleviating dog and cat overpopulation.
Once individuals are educated on the
seriousness of the overpopulation problems,
then the spay/neuter solution will really work."

International Society for Animal Rights
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PETCO Foundation
Hurry! Pit bull grant ends soon!

Save the Date! T.A.R.A. will be holding a Yard Sale Fundraiser on May 22nd!

T.A.R.A. has served over 140,000 cats in 19 years and over 18,000 dogs in the last six years at our stationary clinic located in Middletown, New York.

Great news! Weekly low-cost vaccine clinics at T.A.R.A will reopen April 29th! Learn more...

Petco Foundation Invests in The Animal Rights Alliance, Inc. Spay/Neuter Efforts! Learn more...



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